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Listen Now: Dee-1 - I Know God

No matter how strong your faith may be, it’s not uncommon to find oneself lost amongst the clouds of confusion. While tests, trials and tribulations manifest in different forms in each of our lives, we’re all faced with various crossroads as we maneuver through the physical. With his latest release, Dee-1 accepts this uncertainty while showcasing an unwavering trust in the path God has paved for him. There’s a comfort and strength that comes from accepting God’s plans, even though certain experiences will have you asking “why”.

Of course, this does not mean blindly accepting the state of your life – one of the greatest blessings we have all received is freewill, and with that comes the ability to combat the tests God places in our lives. Like Jacob wrestling with Creator, we must all take accountability for our experiences here on Earth. Often times, its the events we deem “unjust” that allow for the greatest growth and realization of our true purpose. Regardless of how unfair something appears, trusting it is happening for a reason allows for a greater sense of acceptance and provides one with the mindfulness to thrive through whatever may be taking place.

It’s always nice to hear new music from the New Orleans-based artist, who dropped his last full-length project in 2017. Hopefully this record is a sign of things to come from Dee-1 as the year progresses.

“I Know God” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.


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