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Watch Now: Deante' Hitchcock - Changed For You (feat. Childish Major)

Deante’ Hitchcock has been liberating new content weekly in support of Just A Sample 2, the 6-track EP he released earlier this month. And he’s returned with the latest offering from the project, this time joining forces with Childish Major for the anthemic ode to true love. The artists cut no corners and pull no punches as they tackle the subject matter in full throughout “Changed For You,” dropping relatable and honest commentary on the sacrifices, workshops, growth and acceptance that all piece together to form “love” in its entirety. It’s no rose colored glasses on this one, although everything comes full circle over the course of the feel-good bop.

“Changed For You” is composed of a well-balanced blend of sentimental prose and fun, laughable energy – together, the bits and pieces of the record come together to wondrously capture the energy of a pure, authentic relationship. It’s all about going through the changes together, progressing and moving forward rather than giving up when the relationship is faced with workshops, trials and tribulations. We may get annoyed or sick of the other person’s bullshit but, at the end of the day, love is love and that raw emotion can’t be denied.

The visual experience is set in couples therapy, as Deante’ and his partner ride out the waves of their emotion – viewers see frustration, hurt, anger, and – of course – the silliness that leads to laughter, inevitably breaking through the walls they’ve both allowed to form between them. By the end of the video, it looks like Deante’ has accepted this Queen is meant to be his wife as he drops to one knee…and I’m not about to spoil the finale but it’s a wrap.

Just A Sample 2 is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play on “Changed For You” below.

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