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Listen Now: CrissB.amazing - Vibrant Vibrations

Making sure to keep the musical momentum rolling from last year, CrissB.amazing kicks off 2020 with “Vibrant Vibrations.” The latest from Bawrs stands out as one of the most self-aware joints he’s dropped in a minute – and if you’ve been listening, you already know that’s saying something.

Wrapped elegantly within the confines of his poignant, stoic delivery, CrissB flows through a powerful message that’s sure to resonate with all those who take the time to really listen. Far from just a bunch of words that rhyme, “Vibrant Vibrations” rises from the ashes of life’s trials and tribulations, manifesting in the physical as a beautiful song that stems from the sonic purge of CrissB.amazing’s inner darkness and ever-present light. Listeners get a sense of the journey he’s on, discovering quickly it’s not all sunshine and roses. Regardless, he’s still here and, maybe more importantly, he’s open to all the lessons being presented to him. Through his shortcomings, successes and all that rests in between the two sides of the spectrum, Bawrs offers his audience a reassuring hand, lifting us from the traps of our own headspace.

Press play on “Vibrant Vibrations” below.

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