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Watch Now: CrissB.amazing - Sense of Self (The Flex) (feat. Bklyn Lo)

On “Sense of Self (The Flex),” CrissB.amazing expresses the importance of recognizing your own greatness while riding the waves of the vibe heavy production. There’s a fine line between self-love and cocky, and CrissB is dancing all over the fucking line while encouraging each and every listener to step up and flex a little. Bawrs enlists Bklyn Lo for the feature and, as expected, Bklyn comes through with a flex-laden, breakneck verse that compliments CrissB’s prose befittingly.

Originally released in February of 2018, “Sense of Self” returns with an official video treatment, shot by 86HourPhoto. Contrasting darkness and light, the visual does a phenomenal job capturing the essence of the lyrical content. Each of us here on Earth are far more than simply physical beings. Our bodies, in their complete form, are physical, mental and spiritual – by exercising one, you’re simultaneously working on the others. As we flow through our physical existence, it’s important to take the time to focus on our spiritual and emotional self much like we would our body.

Press play below. And remember to love you some you.

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