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Listen Now: CrissB.amazing - No Justice, No Peace [prod. Urban Nerd Beats]

We may be a little late on the share, but CrissB has a message that resonates outside the confines of time and space.

With “No Justice, No Peace,” Bawrs keeps it straight, simple and to the point with his poignant prose. The delivery of the powerful lyrics radiates forth in a manner that feels something like a sonic representation of the marches, protests and demonstrations that have been sweeping the world since June. It’s calm yet impassioned, coming through with purpose and intention that is not threatening but certainly leaves the listener understanding he isn’t asking for justice. No, these are demands. And, regardless of where you stand, Bawrs – like so many others in the world today – is standing in his power and making sure the demands are heard and the changes become a reality.

The track, produced by Urban Nerd Beats, includes the Hartford-based artist reciting the names of different men and women who have been murdered by police. It’s yet another powerful reminder of the what and why people are still taking to the streets to demand justice, change and authentic shifts in the foundation of society.

Press play on “No Justice, No Peace” below.

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