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Listen Now: CrissB.amazing - 1652: The Concrete Rose [prod. Marti McFli]

As the doors quite literally close on one chapter of his life, CrissB.amazing celebrates the place he’s called home for the last twelve years while keeping his vision locked on what’s to come.

In light of a recent move from his family’s home in East Hartford, Bawrs fills the sonic landscape of “1652: The Concrete Rose” with reflective and personal storytelling, presented in the form of his characteristic lyricism. As he looks back at the environment that helped him become, for better or worse, the person he is today, CrissB pays tribute to 1652 Main Street with an impassioned and emotive delivery of bar after bar of heartfelt prose. A move of any sort is sure to bring a wide range of emotions to the surface, and the AQMNI artist does a beautiful job capturing that spectrum over the course of the new record.

Marti McFli laces “1652” with some meditative production, which adds to the enveloping aura of introspection present throughout Bawrs’ latest.

“1652: The Concrete Rose” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Preview the loosie below.

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