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Watch Now: Cognac & Roses - Windshield (feat. NIKO IS)

If NIKO IS speaks on a joint, I’m going to listen. And, man, I’m grateful I pressed play on this one. Previously unfamiliar with Cognac & Roses, I went into the “Windshield” listening experience with no expectations. I came out feeling the waves of euphoria rushing through my mind, body and soul.

What a team Cognac and NIKO form – it’s like a beautifully symbiotic exchange of energy, dancing between the chilluminated vibes and the depth of substance-laden prose. While they’re passing the herb in the Cheech & Chong inspired visual, they’re passing the vibes on wax. And we all get to shine on as a result.

Blanketed beneath the smooth hook and the enigmatic production, Cognac & Roses and the Best Hair in the Biz fill the sonic landscape with reflective and balanced gospel. Cognac comes through with a fiery delivery while NIKO kicks unabashed lyricism with a relaxed yet emotive flow. Amidst the surface level juxtaposition of styles is an enchanting, organic fidelity that blossoms into a budding display of top-shelf energy and uplifting, relatable content.

The accompanying flick is straight fire, no pun intended. OK, maybe slightly intended. But it’s fun from top to bottom, paying homage to the legendary Up In Smoke film. Viewers find themselves on the receiving end of slick edits, humor and all around good times. Thanks to some BTS footage at the end of “Windshield,” it’s clear how fun it was for the team to manifest the visual – all this good carries over into the viewing experience, making for a great treatment.

“Windshield” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Catch the vibes below.

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