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Listen Now: Coast Modern - Puppy Llama

You know the type of music that makes you fall in love with every stranger you pass on the street? That music just hits your ears and you’re ready to wrap everyone in a warm embrace in hopes of passing the vibes? Well, “Puppy Llama” is that music.

After taking an extended hiatus from releasing new music, Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas have emerged from their self-imposed hibernation with a record radiating with good vibes and good energy. Once you press play, you’ll immediately feel the positive state of their individual and collective head and heart spaces. Whatever they did in their time away, it was healing. And the listener now gets to experience it first hand as it manifests from their souls to the sonic landscape.

“Puppy Llama” just sounds healthy.

The self-produced joint features cool vocals that’ll leave you feeling loved and eager to share that love. Musical medicine, man. It’ll have you shining on just like you were designed to do. Accompanying the enchanting lyrical delivery is some otherworldly, vibrant and enigmatic instrumentation. I dare you to box this one into a singular musical genre. It’s like sonic streams of consciousness – just as you think you’re getting the hang of it, it swoops in with the kiss of something totally new. “Puppy Llama” stands prominently in the comfortingly chaotic nature of the listening experience.

“Puppy Llama” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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