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Watch Now: Chris Conde - Everyday

This the anthem, put your beautiful hands up!

My goodness, hats off to Chris Conde for this incredible release. From the delivery of Chris’ poignant prose to the sonic backdrop of the enigmatic instrumentation, “Everyday” is the record you need in your life whether you were up on Conde previously or not. Coming off the heels of 2020, this cut is bound to leave you feeling some type of way – but even without the whirlwind of the last 12 months, “Everyday” belongs in your daily rotation. It’s the type of music that will assist you along the way as you continue your own journey, leaving you feeling just a little bit more at peace with your own experience here in the physical.

Throughout the record, Conde showcases the range of delivery being brought to the table. There’s blunt spoken word, fiery lyricism and an engagingly crooned hook, one that is perfectly imperfect. And, in a sense, that’s what this record is all about – finding acceptance for the imperfectness of our own lives. “Everyday” is a testament to the healing process, the learning and growing that allows you to break free from the chains of existence that have been conditioned upon us from an early age. Conde’s prose highlights the deep – and sometimes dark – journey that comes with self-examination, accountability and self-awareness. It ain’t all roses and sunshine. But there’s an ever-present fruitfulness to the time we spend in both the darkness and the light. Indeed, one has to travel through the darkness if they ever hope to truly dance in the light.

The spiritual journey is one often plagued by mainstream definitions and labels. At the end of the day, the raw beauty of the spiritual journey is that it’s absolutely unique for each individual who embarks on it – we may be traveling to the same destination, but there are endless paths that lead the way. The concepts, ideas, practices and beliefs are easily targeted as crazy, insane or foolish. But regardless of whether or not you decide to label your journey as “spiritual,” or whether or not you implement any of the more conventional or recognizable practices, each person here in the physical is on a journey towards something. So why the fuck not drop into a place of inner peace along the way?

The new single comes along with the announcement that Conde will be releasing a new album later this year. Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay will be out on April 4th courtesy of the good people at Fake Four. You can pre-order the album here.

Press play on “Everyday” below.

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