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Chaser & Killa Stays True to Themselves In ‘All Heroes Are on Tapes’

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From Ontario, Canada, rapper and producer duo Chaser & Killa Music pushes the boundaries of their city’s common culture through their newest piece ‘All Heroes Are on Tapes’. Their work pays respect to the ones who have paved the way before them in hip-hop. The two have created many songs and projects before, pushing each other to the top.

Chaser has been making music for more than eight years now, while Killa has been producing for more than six years. The duo has been featured on Dave East’s ‘East Side Raps’ with their single ‘Pieces’. They are currently working together with other local artists and organizations to build the music scene up in Kitchener, Ontario.

‘All Heroes Are on Tapes’ has elements of ‘90s style hip-hop with newer sounds playing as accents to complement the piece. Using the influence of older styles of rap, the two have created a fresh sound that features SwizZz from Funk Volume and local Kitchener artist Eloc. They share, “The piece broadcasts the message that for hip-hop to continue to grow, the older generation/the ones that were on tapes, would need to pass the torch and share their knowledge to the new generation.”

The project mixes new school hip-hop with old school hip-hop in both the production and recording. They share, “People gravitate towards the truth, and staying true to ourselves is all we’ve done”. Chaser & Killa Music’s sound is a mixture of the past and modern-day hip-hop with a blend of their own voice.


Listen to Chaser & Killa Music’s ‘All Heroes Are on Tapes’ on YouTube.


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