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Chase Evers’ ‘Dazed’ EP Describes Her Experiences During Her Teenage Years


Chase Evers has been a vocalist since birth and a musician since she mastered the ukulele back in 2013. Her songwriting and impressive melodies reflect her Southern Californian roots and youthful nature.

The 18-year old shows wisdom beyond her years as she works on a new project with a more mature sound. So far, she’s released two singles, ‘Old Habits’ and ‘Closure.’ Her musical influences range from Stevie Nicks to Billie Eilish.

Her latest project, ‘Dazed,’ is Chase’s first EP of songs that she wrote. She shares, “A lot of these songs started as a few lines I’d write down in my journal or notes app when something would happen, or I’d randomly get inspiration from something.”

By documenting moments of her life, these notes eventually grew into full songs about her personal experiences navigating through her teenage years involving friendships, boys, insecurities, and learning to love herself.

Her first official body of work, ‘Dazed’ features six tracks that tell a story of a young woman learning to navigate life and love. Additionally, it’s a blend of nostalgic pop music from the 90s and 2000s. She’s also worked with a few producers on this project like Jetpack, Edgar Vargas, Suji, and DruSki.


Listen to Chase Evers’ ‘Dazed’ EP on Spotify and YouTube.

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