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Stream: Chanel - Uncovered

My introduction to Chanel came a couple weeks back when I caught a preview of “Freestyle” on a friend’s timeline. The raw confidence present in Chanel’s smooth delivery throughout the joint captured my attention and I’ve been looking forward to peeping her debut project in hopes of gaining a more in-depth feel for what she’s bringing to the table.

The release of Uncovered does a beautiful job highlighting Chanel’s still untapped potential, as the 8-track mixtape slaps from the moment you press play. Uncovered is littered with sharp lyricism, leaving no doubt that Chanel is slick with the pen, but the most alluring characteristic on display is the emcee’s spectrum-spanning range. More than just self-assured bars, listeners receive a variety of content that finds a balance between her lyrical onslaught and her songwriting capabilities. As the lyricism lays the foundation, Chanel crafts stories around her words, painting pictures of love, street smarts, and more.

Another noticeable trait on Uncovered is the ways in which Chanel embodies authentically owning her sexuality. In an industry oversaturated with sexual content utilized simply to be provocative, Chanel comes through like a true Queen, radiating with mindfully implemented lyricism, rather than falling back on sex-based wordplay simply for shock value. While I’m in no place to tell anyone how to write, rap or live their lives, it’s refreshing to experience the powerful confidence Chanel represents throughout her debut.

Uncovered serves as a fine introduction to Chanel, working to establish her unique presence and talent to a new, growing audience. Her raps are delivered effortlessly, the timing of her delivery on point on each of the eight tracks. And her energy is believable – one does not get a sense of any gimmick or mask; it’s Chanel, through and through.

Stream Uncovered below.


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