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Listen Now: Ceschi - Say No More [prod. Factor Chandelier]

A lot of people wear their egos on their sleeves to the point it becomes comical. But when a humble man begins speaking with the energy Ceschi has been rocking lately, that’s when you know it’s time to shut up and listen. And, after experiencing all the highs and lows life has thrown at him over the course of the last four years, the New Haven-based artist has a few things he’s ready to get off his chest.

This is a blessing for all those who love his music, as Ceschi is preparing to release Sad, Fat Luck, his first full-length project since 2015’s Broken Bone Ballads. With the Factor Chandelier-produced album on the way, Ceschi kicks off 2019 with the liberation of “Say No More”, the first single off Sad, Fat Luck.

And fuck.

On “Say No More”, Ceschi finds a way to radiate through the dark tone of the record thanks to the pure, authentic emotion saturating the song. Composed following the arrest, and subsequent 10-year mandatory minimum sentencing, of two of his closest friends, Ceschi’s latest release is the first of his forthcoming commentary on “opiate deaths, imprisonment and that malleable clay of morality.” It’s not a happy or uplifting piece of music – it’s raw, uncut and littered with waves of emotion. It’s real, finding a foundation in truth rather than falling back on catchy jingles or trendy tropes. And, as such, the listener is able to feel Ceschi’s pain and his frustration – we may not experience it, we may not know what he’s going through, but we sure as hell feel the anger, frustration, sadness, confusion and the determination he purges from his system on “Say No More”.

The record feels like it was created out of necessity for Ceschi’s own well-being. While we may enjoy it and find entertainment from it, the purpose of “Say No More” was a means of release – an energetic purge – for the artist himself. Additionally, it serves to open the eyes and minds of the listener. The time to pray, the time to say “sorry for your loss”, the time to fall back on cliche sayings is over – now is the time to stand up for what you believe in and fight for a better world. It’s time to stop talking and start doing.

“Say No More” is despondent and morose, as Ceschi fills Factor’s sorrowful instrumentation with a balanced blend of wistful song and abrasive lyrical delivery. According to Ceschi, the song’s production was based around a guitar riff he wrote that was sampled by Factor. Additional credit goes to Lucy Freedom for backing vocals and flute, Max Heath (of Child Actor) on organ, and Levi (of The Pxrtals) on violin.

“Say No More” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Press play below.

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