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Listen Now: Ceschi - Sad, Fat Luck [prod. Factor Chandelier]

With roughly one week until the release of Sad, Fat Luck, Ceschi and Factor Chandelier liberate the title track of the forthcoming magnum opus. And, as the previous singles have demonstrated, part one of Ceschi’s trilogy farewell will be erupting with pure emotion, impassioned prose and unabashed rawness – all of which will force listeners to face themselves and the world around them, leaving us all no longer able to run or hide from our realities.

“Sad, Fat Luck” is a ballad in the most twisted of ways, presented in a fashion that none other than Ceschi could manifest. Without a doubt, the major factor allowing this song to find life in this reality is morbid – more of a curse than a blessing, despite the wondrous music that comes from it. Like the songs we’ve heard so far, the latest release is a naked display of the New Haven native’s mental and emotional state following multiple years of destruction and turmoil – the loss of friends, family, love and more. “Sad, Fat Luck” is rooted in despair, death, inequality and a world littered with injustice – it’s an emotional breakdown in the form of a record. And, for better or worse, the title track is flowing with life despite the melancholy aura surrounding Ceschi’s content and delivery.

There is a sense of beauty found within Ceschi’s breakdown, and that’s not meant to make light of his experiences. Rather, “Sad, Fat Luck” shines light on the necessity of living a life of accountability, authenticity and truth. The longer we mask our truths – the more time we spend ignoring our darkness – the greater that weight becomes. Eventually, it will kill you. But by facing it, by experiencing the pain and the hurt, and by acknowledging all the shit that exists within and around us, we can find the strength to take our power back. Similar to “Say No More“, “The Gospel” and “Electrocardiographs“, Ceschi’s latest feels like the most vital of purges – it’s an expelling off all the darkness and bullshit; not a cure in any sense of the word, but a means of gaining at least a bit of freedom from the constraints of denial. Because of that purge, “Sad, Fat Luck” becomes a form of rebirth.

While the album artwork features a cat, so one can certainly presume this record begins with a cats meow, “Sad, Fat Luck” sounds almost as if it kicks off with a newborn baby’s first cry – and, as Factor’s production kicks in, it’s as though the baby receives its first smack on the bottom.

A rebirth.

And, perhaps a sign of things to come, we’re welcomed into the world with a slap on the ass.

Factor Chandelier cloaks Ceschi with his instrumentation, at once wrapping the prose in a gentle and comforting energy while still slapping, kicking and throwing enough punches to capture the abrasive, end-of-the-rope essence of “Sad, Fat Luck.” Coupled together, the delivery and the production sound like an authentic friendship feels like – sympathetic when necessary but forever refusing to allow the other to dwell too long in their sorrow; uplifting and empowering in its understanding. Factor’s production is holding space for Ceschi, allowing the emotional breakdown and purge to take place in solitude while still standing firmly by his side.

Set for release on April 4th, Sad, Fat Luck is available for pre-order, along with some unique merch opportunities, here. The title-track is up now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. To catch Ceschi, Factor and friends live, purchase tickets via Oliver Booking.

Press play below.

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