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Watch Now: CalenRaps - Luv (feat. Breana Marin) [prod. YoungTaylor]

With “Luv”, CalenRaps captures wondrously the period post-relationship where the feelings still exist despite the courtship having come to a close. Stepping up with emotive delivery of his relatable prose, the Texas-based artist paints vivid pictures of the emotional roller coaster that is balancing the acceptance of the end with the still prominent feelings of pain and loss – feelings that only truly surface if the love was authentic and real. As the sultry and raw vocals of Breana Marin couple with CalenRaps’ lyrical purge, “Luv” becomes an anthem for all those letting go of a good thing that, in the end, wasn’t in the cards to last forever.

The Jay Pusha-directed and WetVisuals-shot video does a beautiful job bringing the emotional essence of the song to life, providing interwoven clips of the light and the dark of the relationship. Viewers are opened to the loving bliss while also experiencing the downfall and the emotions tugging both individuals in two directions after they split. Through the various scenes, the idea of still holding a place for an ex even after the “love” ends – and the inner conflict this causes – shines prominently through both “Luv” and the accompanying visual.

YoungTaylor comes through with subdued yet daunting production, filling “Luv” with an overarching aura of cognitive dissonance. The instrumentation laces Calen’s delivery with an increased sense of hurt, confusion and reflection.

“Luv” is available now on all major streaming platforms, and you can cop Calen’s latest EP, For What It’s Worth, here.

Press play below.

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