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Listen Now: Bonzo - Got Me (feat. CrissB.amazing) [prod. Lucid Beats]

A vital lesson for every one of us to learn and practice as we continue to grow through life is the importance of taking care of yourself. At the end of the day, no matter who you have to lean on, all you have control over is yourself. We may influence others, but the only person we have any real control over is the one staring back at us when we look in the mirror. So, even if it’s hard to do, you can’t be afraid to cut ties with toxic people in order to clear up space and cleanse the energy that is your life.

Move, act, speak and think from a place of love. If you’re doing that with positive and loving intentions, then anybody who feels a type of way about being removed from your life has their own ego-based workshops to embark on.

On “Got Me,” Bonzo joins forces with CrissB.amazing to manifest this lesson in musical form, coupling sharp delivery with the bopping passion present throughout the cut. Both emcees kick their bars with unique life, juxtaposing energies while staying united in their sentiment. Lucid Beats provides the foundation upon which Bonzo and Bawrs ride, lacing “Got Me” with vibrant, knocking production that helps to lift both verses to peaking potential.

Press play below.

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