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Watch Now: Blimes - Woke Up In Paris (feat. Reverie) [prod. Chase Moore]

This is a friendly reminder that it is now 2019 and the idea that a female can’t go bar-for-bar with a male is beyond outdated. So please, drop the term “femcee” from your lexicon ’cause no matter what’s going on between someone’s legs, a lyricist is a lyricist is a lyricist. We’re fortunate to finally be living in a time where women are no longer subjugated to relying on strictly sexualized content if they want to be noticed by the masses – the doors have been ripped off the hinges for anyone who would rather kick an impassioned verse containing depth and substance. That’s not to say there’s anything inherently wrong with dropping bars about sex, but let’s bask in the emergence of so many dope emcees – regardless of what they identify as – and refrain from upholding the illusion of separation between the women and men who throw it down on wax.

Case in point, if we even needed another piece of evidence, is Blimes Brixton’s Reverie-featured “Woke Up In Paris.” My God, these two lace Chase Moore’s production with a fiery onslaught of lyricism, packing the Castles single with bar after bar after bar. The record shines light on the obstacles both artists have encountered on their respective paths toward the spotlight, while anthemically celebrating the overcoming of said trials. It’s a reflective cut that daps up the work, sacrifice, ups, downs and determination that has lead them to the present moment – a moment in which they are actually waking up in Paris. Be prepared to run this one back a few times if you’re planning to digest everything Blimes and Reverie are spitting. And, to be honest, I replayed the video just to relive that smooth crooning from Reverie.

Chase Moore’s production on “Woke Up In Paris” serves its purpose to perfection, blanketing the anthem in a vibey, energetic sonic foundation. Creating a wavy aura around the vocals, Moore’s instrumentation sits firmly in the background, giving both emcees plenty of room to bring their explosive deliveries to the surface.

“Woke Up In Paris” was filmed by Enkrypt in Paris and the visual features both artists reciting their prose as the snow falls upon them. Viewers also witness live performance clips and the celebration of all their hard work. And that’s what this one is all about – nothing has been handed to either artist; they’ve depended on themselves, and their own work ethic, to achieve and earn any and all the acclaim now coming their way. Scattered throughout the video are some slick edits that come courtesy of Every Level Media.

With Castles dropping on March 22nd, “Woke Up In Paris” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Check out the video below.

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