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Watch Now: Blimes & Redinho - Snake Skin Boots

My goodness.

What even is this? And why am I so damn captivated?

OK, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration – I know exactly why I’m running “Snake Skin Boots” back, unable to look away. This joint, coming to us courtesy of Blimes Brixton and Redinho, is one of the most eclectic compositions I’ve heard in a minute. And each and every piece – from Blimes’ prose to Redinho’s instrumentation – fits snug into the puzzle that is “Snake Skin Boots.”

The track, which finds life on Brixton’s Castles, is glamorous, regal and raw. It’s also all over the place, with it’s classic horns, soulful chords, hip-hop meets old school soul meets southern vibes – truthfully, I’m not sure where to begin. Despite the vast range of inspiration that came together to become “Snake Skin Boots,” the collaboration between the LA-based emcee and the London-based producer is flawlessly smooth. It’s a smorgasbord of styles, finely blended into one cohesive sonic manifestation. And it’s a vibe all its own – try as you might, you won’t find a record with the same energy. In no other words, it’s beautiful and I love it.

As expected on any drop from Blimes, “Snake Skin Boots” features sharp lyricism and a confident, braggadocious delivery. Coupled with the production, we’re able to bear witness to seamless transitions across the board. There are rises, falls, energetic shifts via sound, and a whole lot more – and through it all, both artists ride the waves of the track together in a wondrously synchronized fashion.

Directed by Broken Antenna, the visual was filmed in a desert alongside a full marching band. As the band plays, Brixton kicks her verses and fills the space between with silky vocals. Much like the music accompanying it, the “Snake Skin Boots” video radiates with an enigmatic aura – on the same level of “wtf even is this and why can’t I look away?” With a track as funky, soulful and wild as this one, Blimes certainly cooked up the proper visual treatment to capture the necessary essence and energy.

Castles is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Experience “Snake Skin Boots” below.

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