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Listen Now: Bklyn Lo - Why Don't We Fall In Love

Man, if you thought Bklyn Lo was only good for his sharp delivery of intricate lyricism, then you’re playing yourself and sleeping on the young gawd. Just in time for the forthcoming summertime weather, Bklyn turns up the heat with his latest “LoMix,” this time taking Amerie’s late-2000s “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” for a spin. And, although the script has been flipped, Lo’s rendition of the classic cut contains all the sultry, flirtatious and courting energy of the OG version.

It’s smooth prose wrapped around the vintage production, as Bklyn kicks around some endearing wordplay directed at the young lady who has captured his attention. Throughout, thanks in part to the energy of the delivery and the choice use of lexicon, there is not once an aura of anyone trying to play around or get caught up in games. This one feels like the real deal – it’ll be fun for both Lo and his muse, but there is no room for mental gymnastics or a lack of authenticity.

And, all in all, that’s what “Why Don’t We Fall In Love (LoMix)” feels like as you run it back. It’s fun while staying grounded in just enough seriousness to bring the track to life on different levels. This is a joint you’ll keep in the chamber for the later part of the summer BBQ, once the spirits of the drinks and smoke are dancing together in the warm air, and everyone has let their guard down.

Press play below.

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