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Listen Now: Bklyn Lo - Stay Woke (feat. Lorii Woods)

Bklyn Lo once again grabs an instrumental from Meek Mill as he takes “Stay Woke” and flips it into an official LoMix. This time around, Bklyn enlists Lorii Woods, the two artists bringing juxtaposing energies to the track as Bklyn provides the sharp lyricism and Woods comes through with distorted, emotive vocals.

“Stay Woke” serves as another example of how slick this man is with his prose – dude may not hype himself up all over socials, but there aren’t many in CT touching his bars. Indeed, it’s the relatively introverted aura that makes Bklyn Lo such a threat in regards to his music: he doesn’t need to hype shit; the music will do what it’s intended to do. Confidently delivering his lyrics, “Stay Woke” sheds light on the knowledge and enlightenment Bklyn has gained through life’s best teacher – experience. It’s a reflective joint that dances between hope and despair, with Woods’ vocals bringing an atmospheric and eerie vibe to the track.

There is a lot of wisdom being shared within the confines of “Stay Woke”, lessons that stand to serve all those who actively listen and are willing to do the work to implement, change and grow.

Press play below.

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