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Watch Now: Bailey Bryan - Perspective

What started as a love song stemming from a unique relationship, Bailey Bryan’s “Perspective” quickly blossomed into a reflective and uplifting record serenading her supportive fans. Through her fans, Bailey has discovered a love and a passion that helps motivate, drive and push her to be the best version of herself she can be. It’s only right that “Perspective” is the first love song penned by the Washington-born and Nashville-based Bailey the singer actually likes.

With a visual that features candid captures of Bryan interacting with her fans, viewers are opened to the pure essence that seems to encapsulate the young songstress. There is something engaging about her energy, as it radiates with a wholesome authenticity – this is notable when we see the very real smile on her face as she meets those who support her music.

“Perspective”, which will find life on Bailey’s forthcoming EP alongside the previously released “Songbird,” is highlighted by the artists dreamy vocals that sound as though they are floating above the backing instrumentation. In a sonic landscape littered with cookie-cutter trends, she’s found a way to draw upon her unique style to pave a path all her own, bringing forth an infectious sound that is – once again – accented by her deeply resonating authenticity.

“Perspective” is available now on all major streaming platforms. If you enjoy what you hear, be sure to check out Bailey’s …So Far EP.

Watch “Perspective” below.

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