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B JET’s Giving Bars While Remaining Appealing To Today’s Listeners


B Jet possesses a sound that is unique, relatable, and full of raw passion. Rapping since 15, this seasoned veteran is ready to prove that he belongs with the greats and to leave his mark on the industry. Just a 90’s baby waiting for his turn to flip the game on its head, he’s as well rounded as any  – effortlessly being himself while producing quality sound at the same time.

B Jet wrote “Run It Up” in August 2019. He was looking for some beats with a guitar in the back and eventually stumbled onto this one in particular, getting hooked instantly. After a few minutes of listening to it and becoming fully entranced, he started to murmur the hook to himself: “Run it up (ooh), Run it up (yeah), Run it up (ooh), Run it up (yeah)”.  With that being the base of the chorus, he then added layers to it which birthed a completely new style of writing for the artist. The verses come from the heart and the harmony comes from the soul. The melody sucks you in like a blackhole, and that’s what the culture resonates with the most. That, and the beat comes through to compliment the vocals in just the right way. 

“It’s no debating I’m the one but it’s fine if you don’t agree I swear to God I’ll never bet on you before I bet on me.” – B Jet

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