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Watch Now: ayokay - Things Fall Apart

Gotta keep it completely honest here – aside from some production credits from Quinn XCII, I have been completely unaware of ayokay. That said, I’m glad things changed today when I stumbled across “Things Fall Apart.” ‘Cause now I’ve got an artist with a little catalogue for me to dig through and an album on the horizon.

Oh, and the video allowed me to dive deep into this little mystical, enchanting world that exists within the visual confines of “Things Fall Apart.”

From the moment you press play, ayokay’s latest single is a vibe-laden bop of a record, complete with a wondrously chill aura encompassing it. The tracks production couples with ayokay’s delivery, resulting in a comforting and uplifting listening experience. And, man, there is a pureness to “Things Fall Apart” that feels like a warm embrace to the soul. This one comes just in time for the warmth of summer, longer days and carefree nights.

Featuring magical characters and beautiful choreography, the visual treatment is fun, engaging and unique. It really does take viewers into a different world, far from the hustle and chaos that tends to surround us.

“Things Fall Apart” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Experience the latest from ayokay below.


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