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Watch Now: Audrey Nuna - Long Night

I’ve been having more than a couple solo dolo dance parties around the apartment lately and it’s tracks like “Long Night” that make it possible. To keep it a buck, I was laid up the last few days feeling sick in the worst time in history to feel sick, but Audrey Nuna’s latest drop shot a bit of life back into the kid. Now, here we are, back behind the keys and ready to share the magic with the Hxppy Thxxghts family.

Boi listen, Audrey has been dropping fuckin’ gems for a hot minute now and I’ve been following along closely. My apologies to Ms. Nuna for not covering any of those previous joints but I’m getting my shit together and you’ll be seeing plenty more of her on these pages moving forward. Take my word for it though, Audrey has DIAMONDS for you to uncover so dig around your streaming havens or YouTube and see what’s out there.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

“Long Night” is a gooey little bop that feels like an emotional dance between reflecting on the past while keeping the feet planted firmly in accepting the here and now and all the cut ties that paved the way. Audrey’s emotive vocals are laced up in anthemic, electric production that falls back enough for her to kick some fiery lyrics. A really fine balance of R&B and hip-hop on display here, showcasing the eclectic range of the Korean-American who’s clearly set to pave out her own lane in this wild world.

“Long Night” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. You’ll want this one on all your quarantine playlists.

Enjoy the visual below.

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