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Watch Now: Atmosphere - Lovely (feat. Nikki Jean)

After a little bit of teasing and the announcement of a forthcoming tour, Atmosphere slide through with Whenever, a fresh new project that features Hxppy Thxxghts favorite Gifted Gab, Murs, Muja Messiah and more. The 12-track album is a wonderful examination of life, mortality, energetic struggles and, above all else, a celebration of life. Through the eclectic production that comes courtesy of Ant and the layered mindfulness of Slug, listeners receive a wondrous glimpse into the always evolving and always growing head and heart space of Atmosphere.

Alongside Whenever, Atmosphere share the official visual treatment for the Nikki Jean-featured “Lovely.” As Ant paves the foundation of the track with brooding, knocking, blues-infused instrumentation, Slug fills the sonic space with an emotional purge of lyrics that flow steadily across the length of “Lovely.” Slug’s sharp, pointed prose feels like a cleanse of toxic thought patterns; a reflective look in the mirror as he takes into account his relationships with others as well as, and perhaps most importantly, his relationship with himself.

The smooth yet chopped delivery of Slug is juxtaposed with the forever welcomed and appreciated addition of Nikki Jean, who brings added dimensions to “Lovely” with her soulful delivery. Beneath the morbid and melancholy tone of Slug is a radiating gleam of light, and Jean helps pull the underlying energy of Slug’s lyrics to the surface as they take turns trading the spotlight.

“Lovely” comes to life thanks to the Tomas Aksamit-directed visual experience. Dancing between a church, a grave site, ambiguous darkness and a coffin, the video is visually poetic and aesthetically tantalizing. Viewers witness a unique manifestation of the song, telling the story of healing, personal growth and self work through images centered around death.

Whenever is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Atmosphere’s The Wherever Tour kicks off in Minneapolis on January 13th and hits over 30 cities this winter. For tickets and info, head here.

Press play on “Lovely” below.

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