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Watch Now: Atmosphere - Love Each Other

Atmosphere gifted Whenever to the world shortly before the holiday season with little fanfare – one day in December, the album was available alongside the visuals for “Lovely.” While it toys with a vast range of emotions and perspectives, the 12-track project finds its foundation in gratitude, acceptance and discovering peace amongst the madness of day to day life. It’s chalk full of game from the duo who have spanned multiple decades with their enigmatic sounds, shining a light on making the most out of the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Today, “Love Each Other” becomes the latest cut from Whenever to receive the visual treatment.

“Love Each Other” dances with the what ifs of a potential – or imagined – romance, taking a look at all the possible paths, directions and outcomes that may stem from the connection. Or from the ignoring of the connection. It’s really a cool examination of love, lust, friendships, “friend zones” and other common relationship tropes that are so prevalent in our society today. The track features a calming delivery from Slug as he floats over Ant’s airy production – the combination of lyrical content and instrumentation finds lovely fidelity, leaving the listener swaying along to the peaceful flow of music and prose. And there’s just enough sharp reality woven between the dreamy fantasy to keep you grounded despite your head floating in the clouds.

Directed by Tomas Aksamit, “Love Each Other” calls upon some vintage speakeasy vibes. Shot in black and white, the visual comes through with a bit of Gatsby energy – quite sophisticated and smooth. While it’s a rather simple viewing experience on the surface, “Love Each Other” – similar to the song itself – contains depth and wonderful storytelling. On top of it all, it’s a fun flick – pay close attention to the animated facial expressions that come courtesy of Slug, who plays the role of people watcher to perfection. Fully aware and tuned in to the unfolding story at hand, the simple raised brows or slight movements of his eyes and head add wondrous dimensions to the already slick visual experience.

Whenever is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms and you can grab yourself a physical copy along with merch here. While you’re at it, be sure to catch Atmosphere live while they hit the road on The Wherever Tour.

Press play below.

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