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Listen Now: Asher Roth - Flowers On The Weekend [prod. Rob Deckhart]

Listen, I know there is quite a divide when it comes to Asher Roth but I will never deny being a stan. Dude was coming up when I was first finding my way through the wondrous offerings of underground rap and Roth provided my friends and me with a beautiful soundtrack to our times of derelict. As he’s bobbed and weaved his way in and out of the spotlight over the last decade, I’ve grown and matured and, I hope, all you can say the same. With his first sonic offering in a hot minute, it becomes quite clear that Asher Roth has experienced a bit of maturation in his own right.

Fortunately, he’s also held on to the light of his inner child.

“Flowers On The Weekend” serves as the first single off Roth’s upcoming project of the same name. Backed by vibe-laden production that comes complete with majestic trumpets, the new drop from Asher shines a light on the (more) adult life he’s living these days. If you’ve stayed up on the releases since Roth first hit the scene over ten years ago, this “growing up” has been evident. Although too many people are still caught up on the “I Love College” enigma, Asher has gifted the world a wonderfully mindful and “woke” catalogue of tunes over the years. He’s demonstrated a keen awareness of both self and societal issues, all the while keeping his music cloaked in an essence of good energy and uplifting content. Having said that, the presentation of “Flowers On The Weekend” – especially coming forth in 2020 – should come as no surprise.

Asher Roth is a full fledged adult, focused on the interior design of his living room and the thought-provoking soundscape that arises from Mozart. Despite the adulting, he’s still taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. Daps to his tag-team partner for bringing him flowers to smell. No matter how busy we all get as we continue to take trips around the sun, it’s important to slow down enough to smell the roses. Never stop evolving but never stop appreciating the small things either. It’s the warm embrace of our inner child that will make adulting easier to navigate.

“Flowers On The Weekend” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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