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Watch Now: Ashe - Moral of the Story

Praises due to the YouTube algorithm for placing this one in the forefront of my recommended videos. Initially intrigued by the featured still frame, pressing play on “Moral of the Story” was one of the best decisions I made today as it welcomed the musical offerings of Ashe into my life.

“Moral of the Story” is Ashe’s poignant, witty and blunt reflection on her tumultuous divorce and the toxic relationship surrounding it. Appropriately released on Valentine’s Day, the record is certainly a break-up anthem for the ages. Captured within Ashe’s delivery is a comforting energy, despite the painful nature of the subject matter. Listeners are able to experience the hurt while also finding solace in the San Diego-based songstresses ability to enter a realm of acceptance and move forward with her life. Through lyrics that are vulnerable, sharp and full of wit, Ashe’s stirring song-writing is on full display. Rather than find its foundation in bitterness or regret, “Moral of the Story” rises prominently above the past, emerging as a powerful emotional purge captured in a 3 1/2 minute sonic experience.

The instrumentation feels almost childlike; something that might be found guiding a nursery rhyme or featured in a Disney movie. This works well alongside Ashe’s content and delivery, presenting “Moral of the Story” as a prominent growing experience. Life can come at you fast and unexpectedly, but each experience – “good” or “bad” – is another opportunity for personal growth and the evolution of self.

Visually, “Moral of the Story” is wildly tantalizing. The use of darkness and vibrant colors, especially when implemented simultaneously, helps to further tell the story Ashe is sharing. The majority of the video takes place in one of three locations, each as stunning as the next, and the footage throughout is aesthetically enthralling, popping from the screen and catching the eye with ease.

“Moral of the Story” is available now on all major streaming services and you can find Ashe’s 2018 release, The Rabbit Hole, here. If you dig what you see/hear, then be sure to catch Ashe live alongside Quinn XCII.

Watch “Moral of the Story” below.


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