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Watch Now: Ashe - In Disguise

As Moral of the Story: Chapter 1 still strikes a chord in listeners across the globe, Ashe liberates a fresh track in support of her upcoming tour. “In Disguise” comes complete in its beautiful sonic package – but, of course, the intriguing and unique visual accompaniment is a welcomed addition to Ashe’s latest musical contribution.

The comforting embrace of Ashe’s delivery dances with the vibey pop-rock instrumentation, finding a way to transcend any sort of singular genre, instead emerging from the ashes – no pun intended – as a sound and style unto itself. “In Disguise” is uplifting in its message, wrapped in a wondrous aesthetic that speaks on self-love and removing the chains we impose upon ourselves as we fight to fit in. Through her airy, angelic vocals, the record is a radiating display of pure emotion from start to finish.

“In Disguise” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. For info on and tickets to Ashe’s first headlining tour, head here.

Press play below.


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