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Stream: Artificial Feelings - Jerr.


These days mental health and emotional well being is a common topic being addressed and picked apart. While this is something not to be taken lightly it seems in this day and age people are constantly tearing each other down for opening up and others are too afraid to do so out of fear of being torn down. This is where Artificial Feelings comes in, I made this project (Artificial Feelings) out of pure honesty and it was something I desperately needed to get off my chest. It took me 23 years to finally be comfortable enough to be honest about my issues, to be accepting of who I am, and to let the world know I wanted to make music. This project is me (Jeremiah Diaz a.k.a Jerr.) casting fear aside and saying F*** social norms and opinions. Try to tear me apart for being honest about my struggles mentally and emotionally but through what you can hear me say in every song nobody’s opinions can hurt me as much as my struggles and my own internal issues have. I needed to speak up and I needed to speak out through music not only for me but for others. Growing up with my life experiences music saved me. Artists such as Kid Cudi and City and Colour made me realize we all endure struggles, we are not alone, and we are capable of helping one another. After years of idolizing these artists and so many other artists alike I realized what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. Here I am years later releasing a project I hope can do the same for someone else that comes across Artificial Feelings.

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