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Watch Now: Allen Stone - Naturally (Live at Studio X)

Although he’s been playing it live for years, Allen Stone officially liberated “Naturally” from the vault earlier this month. The new record finds life alongside an accompanying lyric video that features Stone and company performing the song live at Studio X.

“Naturally” features Stone’s well-balanced blend of jazzy, soulful R&B vibes, all packaged together in a lovely song dedicated to women. Of course, the message emanating from the Seattle-based artist’s prose is certainly applicable to anyone who listens. Throughout the song, Stone passes along commentary on the societal conditioning imposed upon individuals by a variety of means – magazines, media, etc. “Naturally”, in all it’s glory, floats through the sonic waves, serving as an ode to raw, pure and natural beauty. While so many are focused on “fixing” their “flaws”, Stone reminds women they are perfect as they are. It’s our perceived imperfections, after all, that make us unique and it’s that unique, one-of-a-kindness that makes us truly beautiful.

Beyond the physical, the most authentic of beauty comes from within. We’ve all seen pretty faces suddenly become unattractive when an ugly personality rears its head. And, on the flip, individuals we aren’t initially attracted to are able to captivate us with their beauty when we see their glowing kindness and love-based personality.

Allen Stone will be on the road quite a bit throughout the coming months, so cop your tickets here if you want to experience his sounds live. “Naturally” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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