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Watch Now: Aless - Loyal (feat. Raz Simone)

It’s a beautiful thing about music, the ways in which it transcends the illusion of borders and barriers. Through sound and song, connection and common ground is found amongst those who live on opposite ends of the world. And, perhaps most magical, music has the ability to rise above language thanks to a mystical drive forged between emotion, energy and vibes.

“Loyal” stands as a testament to the supernatural powers of music, bringing together the Slovakia-based Aless and Seattle’s Raz Simone.

Stemming from her love of Simone’s Still Love, Aless reached out to Raz, who then peeped her music. From there, the artists bounced between worlds, traveling across oceans in order to manifest the fidelity of their native tongues. “Rest” is the first byproduct of the relationship and the record radiates with a sense of two spirits reconnecting for the first time in this physical incarnation. It’s a pop-infused R&B cut that features both artists delivering their prose with emotive purpose, resulting in an experience the listener feels even if they don’t understand the language transmitting the vocals.

Brought to life by Jacob Hill and Anthony Martinez, “Rest” is a fun visual that balances candid and choreographed shots of Aless and Simone. Beyond telling the story of the artists’ lyrics, the video serves as a visual representation of a relationship – the magical, spontaneous moments, as well as the more thought out and orchestrated experiences. Viewers get a sense of the highs and lows, the contemplation and reflection, and the uncertainty and heartfelt knowing that encompasses our rawest and most pure connections.

Between the song itself and the interactions captured in the video, there’s a chemistry between Aless and Raz that appears anything but new. More than a mutual respect, “Rest” shines with an essence of kindred spirits coming together again to pick up where they left off in a previous life. Hopefully this first taste of collaboration is not the last.

“Rest” finds life on Druhá Šanca, which is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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