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Stream: AceMo - All My Life

As he continues to prosper in New York, AceMo shows gratitude to his supporters by dropping off an EP containing a variety of sounds he cooked up between 2016-2018. The 7-track All My Life is a wild journey into a vast spectrum of vibes, showcasing the multifaceted musical stylings of the CT-bred artist.

Dedicated to the good people across the globe who have supported my music career over these years. This music wouldn’t exist without your energy. These tracks are to dance to, party to, walk to, eat to.. whatever your heart desires.. as long as they’re enjoyed with a smile on your face.

With the majority of the songs featured on the EP clocking in at over 7 minutes, All My Life will leave listeners fading in and out of different realities as the music rises, falls and bounces fervently between alternate energies. Over the course of the project, one could hit the dance floor just as easily as they could find a state of peaceful meditation. It’s a beautiful, spellbinding adventure into the creative headspace and heartspace of AceMo, providing listeners with an ideal soundtrack for whatever the day brings.

Support AceMo by purchasing All My Life via Bandcamp. Press play on the EP below.

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