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Watch Now: Aaron Cohen - Yeezy 350 (feat. Jarren Benton) [prod. DJ J Hart]

Bringing it back to last summer, Aaron Cohen and Jarren Benton invite viewers to a, quite literally, raw dinner party for their “Yeezy 350” visual. While the track found life on Cohen’s Raw Every Day project, it’s never a bad time to put some Cohen x Benton in your Sorato. Time and time again, the duo have proven to be a force together on wax and this collab is no different.

Both artists show up with top-shelf bars, served up in their own style of braggadocious delivery. Juxtaposed over DJ J Hart’s knocking, mobbed out production, “Yeezy 350” is in your face from the moment you press play. Benton comes through with slick confidence, flowing over the beat with clever, swagged out aggression. And Cohen pulls no punches, showcasing his wit as he bluntly paints pictures of what it means to live with a ‘go out and get it’ mentality. You’ll waste your days waiting for an opportunity to be presented and Aaron Cohen has opted instead to build his career brick by brick. It may take longer, but it’s happening on his own terms.

Directed by Sonya Goddy, “Yeezy 350” is naturally provocative – even with the abrasive essence of the visual, it transcends mere shock value. Despite being surrounded by “proper” company, our protagonists keep it real and authentic, staying true to themselves regardless of the environment the sit in.

“Yeezy 350” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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