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Watch Now: Aaron Cohen - WhoWantWhat [prod. EKANY]

With his RED NEW YORK EP on the horizon, Aaron Cohen delivers a fiery, abrasive and high-energy anthem in the form of “WhoWantWhat”. Backed by screwy, caustic production that comes courtesy of EKANY, Cohen delivers his verses in a sprint-like manner, taking no time to breath between dropping the sharp, punctual prose.

Throughout the new track, the Seattle-born, NY-based artist shines light on the work and sacrifices he’s put into his career and life so far, making it clear that he has no plans to slow down or become complacent regardless of how anyone views him. You can’t eat off a blog post, whether the writer is praising you or tearing you down – fortunately, Cohen isn’t in this for the accolades.

The visual experience is brought to life by Alex J. Brehm, who captures Cohen mobbing with his people, the emcee emitting a self-aware yet braggadocious aura that has encapsulated Aaron’s work as of late.

See Red, Cohen’s latest project, is available now on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Press play on “WhoWantWhat” below.

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