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Listen Now: Aaron Cohen - Push (feat. Mark Battles) [prod. Jab]

He’s been speaking on the project for a while now so, one way or another, the release of Raw Every Day is on the horizon. As fans anticipate the forthcoming album from Aaron Cohen, the Seattle-bred/NY-based artist links with Mark Battles for the latest cut off RED.

Jab laces “Push” with brooding production, wrapping the collective prose with a subdued but prominent sonic foundation. As the bounce of the instrumentation knocks in the background, Cohen and Battles take turns filling the space with calm and collected verses. “Push” becomes noteworthy for the essence of easy listening encompassing the track – both artists are laid back in their delivery, the energy juxtaposing wondrously with the impassioned confidence saturating their sharp wordplay. The record is aggressive and abrasive in content but the raw aura of conviction behind their words results in neither artist having to turn towards an overly audacious execution.

The new cut is littered with mindful reflections and a keen ability from both Cohen and Battles to take in their surroundings, audience, supporters and detractors. “Push” features quite a bit of depth, the final product becoming a track that can be played back time and time again, with each listen revealing something new tucked between the lines. The trio of artistry involved in the manifestation of “Push” syncs together naturally, as Cohen, Battles and Jab blend their unique vibes into a wholly complete package.

“Push” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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