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Watch Now: Aaron Cohen - Litmus [prod. J Hart]

Mere days after releasing “Litmus,” Aaron Cohen returns with the official visual treatment for the J Hart-produced record that will find life on Cohen’s forthcoming Red New York.

Filmed in Paris and directed by Antoine Duchamp, “Litmus” is complex in its visual simplicity. Like the majority of Cohen’s prose, what may seem upfront and simple on the surface contains a vast level of depth when actively examined. Featuring a very film noir vibe, the new release is presented entirely in black and white. This “artsy” exhibition works to juxtapose the push and pull of light and darkness that exists both internally and externally – even down to the wardrobe Cohen wears throughout “Litmus,” viewers experience a balanced melting pot of the dark and the light.

Visually engaging without relying on any bells and whistles, we’re able to experience Aaron in an authentic fashion. His passion, energy and self-confidence are on full display as he delivers the lyrics that make up “Litmus,” and Cohen’s words are allowed to exist in their most powerful state thanks to the lack of flashy cinematography.

“Litmus” is available now wherever you stream music. Red New York is coming soon.

Press play below.

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