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Aaron Cohen - Gang, Gang [prod. Kemal] (Video)

After dropping off his highly anticipated See Red album back in March, Aaron Cohen wasted no time before blessing his fans with even more original content. Since the album’s release, Cohen has liberated “Run This“, “Gang, Gang” and “Red New York” from the vault, continuing his characteristically consistent streak of raw, uninhibited and dope music. See, that’s the thing about Cohen any longtime listener unquestionably recognizes – you’ll be hard pressed to find an artist today who is as consistent as the NY-based, Seattle-born Aaron Cohen.

And, perhaps even more admirable, is the style and self-awareness in which each track appears to be crafted. At this point in his career, Cohen is aware of his talent and he’s ready to take what’s his, whether he gets an invite or has to kick the door down on his own.

Depending on what track you listen to, you may bare witness to an aggressive Cohen, who maneuvers through his frustrations fluidly, balancing his ardent state of mind with a purposeful delivery. The majority of See Red featured this audacious demeanor, which melded beautifully with the accompanying production.

Or, as is the case with “Gang, Gang”, Cohen can come forth with a calm, IDGAF disposition. In perfect union with Kemal’s instrumental, Cohen raps with a low-key, laid back vibe throughout the course of the two and a half minute record. At the same time, however, his lyrics are slightly braggadocios and illuminating with self-confidence. Even though there was a time where he had “doubts in his mind”, those mind-based limitations have been lifted and he’s ready, able and willing to take what’s his – what he’s worked and sacrificed for.

The SILENTFACE-directed “Gang, Gang” serves as the first visual experience off Cohen’s upcoming RED NEW YORK album.

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